Handmade Leather Baby Booties

Hello Everybody! I have been seeing so many different kinds of baby leather booties online and in magazines; and instead of buying them I thought I could just make them myself from all the leather scraps that I still had from other projects. I made my own pattern, which is a blend of all the leather booties that I have been seeing.

So here is what you need:

  • LEATHER CORD (I chose blue for a baby boy)
  • PRINT OUT PATTERN ON 8.5″X11″ (it is true to size)

Once you printed out the pattern, gather all your leather scraps and trace and cut out the pieces TWICE. In the first steps you sew the pieces right sides together, you take Piece Number 1 and place Piece Number 2 on the green dots and sew around. Then you take Piece Number 3 and sew that on the black dots around the sole (Piece Number 1) as well. The bootie is now sewn together and you have to flip the bootie inside out. The fringe part (Piece Number 4) you will sew at last, either way bootie inside out, or whatever feels more comfortable for you on your sewing machine.

And here is what it looks like in the end!


Bootie pattern



Handmade Leather Baby Booties

An easy way to give your room a new style | Handmade curtain


A curtain is not just a way to secure your room against the prying eyes of your neighbor. 🙂
You can give your home a new atmosphere.

I needed a curtain but I didn’t want to got to a store and buy one. So I started searching for a nice fabric in my boxes. I found the grey one, but the fabric was to short for my window. After a second look I discovered the rest of the white fabric and I sewed it together. Finished! A very easy inexpensive curtain with a big effect.

That’s a good sewing project for beginners. Have fun!


An easy way to give your room a new style | Handmade curtain

Handmade DIY Drawstring Backpack


Hey Everybody! Most people that know me have already seen my collection of these drawstring backpacks from my school time. I also remember a while back having a drawstring backpack  with a Mickey Mouse print for my gym gear that I used as an inspiration.

I have recently discovered a drawstring backpack pattern and used different fabrics.  For me they are very convenient and the fabric gives them an interesting and unique look.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post on these drawstring backpacks, their  sewing pattern and unique fabrics.


Lara with backpack

Handmade DIY Drawstring Backpack

Lasercut – DIY Necklace [Continuation]

Hey Everyone! Here is a continuation of the ‘Geometric – DIY Necklace’.

First of all – Architectural Ornaments Are The Best Inspiration You Can Ever Get!

Besides the geometric design I have experimented with many other designs. I have a thing for Art Nouveau, so many of my designs have a strong Jugenstil/Art Nouveau look. It is so simple and unique to create your own designs on AutoCAD, but if you are not familiar with AutoCAD or using a Lasercutter we have so many resources nowadays that you can come across beautiful small designs at any store. Once you have a design you can then ensemble it together into a necklace or earrings. So here are some other creations that I have made.

You can even purchase HERE a few of the ensembles on Etsy.

Inspiration: Old design books from the library, Art Nouveau books, Architecture Section in the University library, Interior Architecture, Architectural Ornaments.


Art Nouveau Necklace 4Art Nouveau Necklace 3

Art Nouveau Necklace 2






Processed with VSCOcam

Lasercut – DIY Necklace [Continuation]


I am an Architecture student and have been exposed early on to Lasercutters and 3D Printers. I haven’t used them much for my final models, but I used it a lot for small preliminary project models, diagram models, and personal things. This geometric shape was one of my recent experiments. A friend of mine bought 1/4″ thick bamboo pieces from California for his longboards and gave me the scraps, so I created some geometric shapes for a statement necklace.

So I basically drew some shapes and lines in AutoCAD, then I sent my design right to the Lasercutter and there it was perfectly cut. If you don’t have access to a Lasercutter or AutoCAD, ‘Michael’s’ has some interesting lasercut pieces in their stores, Etsy does too. I bought the rest of the necklace pieces, like the necklace chain, small rings and clip, at ‘Joann’ and ‘Michael’s’.

Inspiration: Architecture and Geometric Shapes.



photo 3

photo 4-1photo 3-1photo 1-3photo 5

photo 2-2


A Scarf for HIM or HER

Hey all! Now with fall just around the corner I thought it would be good to head into the scarf department. I saw a similar scarf on etsy and also found PERFECT INSTRUCTIONS on joann.com for this kind of infinity scarf. I made a mini version for Jack from all the scraps, just for fun (I would NOT have him wear a scarf though, in general!).

I used flannel fabric, leather and heavy duty snaps.

Inspiration: infintiy scarf seen on etsy and joann.com

Wiebkephoto   DIY ScarfDIY Scarf 2


A Scarf for HIM or HER