“Iron and Candy”: Dress for a Christmas Party

For my collegue is the Christmas Party from our Company one of the important day of the year.
So everyone looks really forward to this day and they are really excited what the responsible people have prepared for.

So the slogan for the Party was “Iron and Candy”, It takes some time to decided what I should wear on this day. For me was clear I want to wear a silver top. Now I was searching for some “candy” accessories, after some days looking on google and Pinterest, I decided to sew my own “Candy” Clutch.

Here is my “Iron and Candy” outfit:


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Many lovely greetings!

“Iron and Candy”: Dress for a Christmas Party

Very easy: DIY Mobile Phone Case

ZusammengefĂźgetes Bildcopy Hey Everyone,

I know that this may be too late, but you learn from making mistakes! On the way home my Iphone dropped so I decided that I really need a mobile case to save the rest of my phone. 🙂

I wanted a case, which is not separated from my phone, because I know it just takes two days and I will lose it. The second important thing is, that the case should not just protect the back, but also the front.

Here is how I made this:

You need: A mobile case that fits for your your phone, a piece of leather, double-face tape, elastic band


Step 1: Cut the piece of leather in the right size, make sure that you also cut out the corner for the phone camera.


Step 2:

Fix the double-face tape on the phone case.

Zwischenschritt 3

Step 3:

At the end, very important, first attach the elastic band at the double-face tape and after that stick it onto the leather piece.


FINISH! Very easy, right? Enjoy your new phone case!


Very easy: DIY Mobile Phone Case