“Iron and Candy”: Dress for a Christmas Party

For my collegue is the Christmas Party from our Company one of the important day of the year.
So everyone looks really forward to this day and they are really excited what the responsible people have prepared for.

So the slogan for the Party was “Iron and Candy”, It takes some time to decided what I should wear on this day. For me was clear I want to wear a silver top. Now I was searching for some “candy” accessories, after some days looking on google and Pinterest, I decided to sew my own “Candy” Clutch.

Here is my “Iron and Candy” outfit:


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Many lovely greetings!

“Iron and Candy”: Dress for a Christmas Party

Handmade Leather Baby Booties

Hello Everybody! I have been seeing so many different kinds of baby leather booties online and in magazines; and instead of buying them I thought I could just make them myself from all the leather scraps that I still had from other projects. I made my own pattern, which is a blend of all the leather booties that I have been seeing.

So here is what you need:

  • LEATHER CORD (I chose blue for a baby boy)
  • PRINT OUT PATTERN ON 8.5″X11″ (it is true to size)

Once you printed out the pattern, gather all your leather scraps and trace and cut out the pieces TWICE. In the first steps you sew the pieces right sides together, you take Piece Number 1 and place Piece Number 2 on the green dots and sew around. Then you take Piece Number 3 and sew that on the black dots around the sole (Piece Number 1) as well. The bootie is now sewn together and you have to flip the bootie inside out. The fringe part (Piece Number 4) you will sew at last, either way bootie inside out, or whatever feels more comfortable for you on your sewing machine.

And here is what it looks like in the end!


Bootie pattern



Handmade Leather Baby Booties