For Inspiration: Birthday Gift Package

Hi Everybody,

this Post is more for your Inspiration. Sometimes you don`t know how you can give a birthday gift a special look. so maybe that will be an option for you.

I packed some pictures and one of my wood picture holder in paper, fixed with a sticker and put it in a black box with a birthday card.
Finally I tie up the box with a red bow.

Verpackung 1.2 copy

Verpackung 3

Verpackung 4

Additional I made some gift for my other friends, that is how I packaged the present for those:

Geschenk Verpackung NR. 2

See you soon!
Lovely Greetings.

For Inspiration: Birthday Gift Package

DIY – Wood Picture Holder


Hi Everybody,

Here is my latest DIY Project. I decided to decorate my room with more pictures, so I have searched for a simple way to show them. A way, where I can also switch them very easily. So I made this wood picture holder.

You Need:

  • some wood (each piece of my wood is 8 cm  Length x 7 cm Width x 1 cm Depth, but you can choose any size you want. It is easier when you take thicker pieces)
  • a saw
  • a pencil
  • some picture


First I marked with a pencil and a ruler the middle of the wood piece. Next, I took the saw and cut a slit in each (be careful to not cut through the pieces, just to the middle). Now you need just some pictures. I am a big “sneaker freak”, so I cut out some pictures of sneakers from older magazines and gluing it on some cardboard.


I can imagine that this would be also a perfect birthday gift.

Lovely Greetings! Print

DIY – Wood Picture Holder