For Inspiration: Birthday Gift Package

Hi Everybody,

this Post is more for your Inspiration. Sometimes you don`t know how you can give a birthday gift a special look. so maybe that will be an option for you.

I packed some pictures and one of my wood picture holder in paper, fixed with a sticker and put it in a black box with a birthday card.
Finally I tie up the box with a red bow.

Verpackung 1.2 copy

Verpackung 3

Verpackung 4

Additional I made some gift for my other friends, that is how I packaged the present for those:

Geschenk Verpackung NR. 2

See you soon!
Lovely Greetings.

For Inspiration: Birthday Gift Package


I am an Architecture student and have been exposed early on to Lasercutters and 3D Printers. I haven’t used them much for my final models, but I used it a lot for small preliminary project models, diagram models, and personal things. This geometric shape was one of my recent experiments. A friend of mine bought 1/4″ thick bamboo pieces from California for his longboards and gave me the scraps, so I created some geometric shapes for a statement necklace.

So I basically drew some shapes and lines in AutoCAD, then I sent my design right to the Lasercutter and there it was perfectly cut. If you don’t have access to a Lasercutter or AutoCAD, ‘Michael’s’ has some interesting lasercut pieces in their stores, Etsy does too. I bought the rest of the necklace pieces, like the necklace chain, small rings and clip, at ‘Joann’ and ‘Michael’s’.

Inspiration: Architecture and Geometric Shapes.



photo 3

photo 4-1photo 3-1photo 1-3photo 5

photo 2-2