Cherry Blossom Festival – Washington D.C.

Hey Everybody,

I have been MIA for some weeks now, but I am back to share my very first lifestyle/Inspiration post. I have moved from the Midwest to the East Coast and with all the moving and starting my new position at work I have been quite busy, but nonetheless I have had many opportunities to visit D.C. The first time I visited D.C. was back in 2003 and since then I have been coming back several times, to either just walk down the National Mall or to visit Museums.

However, I always told myself to come back and visit D.C. in the springtime. I was watching an episode of the “Amazing Race” on CBS, where the contestants visited D.C. as their last stop. At that time it was spring, and one of their stops in D.C. was around the Tidal Basin by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial AND all the Cherry Blossom Trees were in full bloom; it looked so beautiful that I had to come back around that time.

It all started in 1912 when Japan presented the Cherry Blossom Tree as a gift of friendship to the US. Over decades since 1912 thousands of Cherry Trees have been planted around Washington D.C. There are 12 different varieties. The first Cherry Blossom Festival was held in 1935.

The weather was amazingly warm and the Cherry Trees were just beautiful, the Magnolia Trees are blooming at the same time as well (See picture). The only downside was that towards the end of the day it was just absolutely packed with people. So I would recommend to go in the mornings, the trees are still in full bloom for the next several days, don’t miss it! I will definitely plan a trip next spring again. I believe that especially nature is an amazing inspiration to design and fashion, it is amazing to just go outside take in the fresh air and just be inspired. It is a good reset button from your work week! Enjoy spring…


IMG_2245 IMG_2259 IMG_2262 IMG_2267

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Cherry Blossom Festival – Washington D.C.

For Inspiration: Birthday Gift Package

Hi Everybody,

this Post is more for your Inspiration. Sometimes you don`t know how you can give a birthday gift a special look. so maybe that will be an option for you.

I packed some pictures and one of my wood picture holder in paper, fixed with a sticker and put it in a black box with a birthday card.
Finally I tie up the box with a red bow.

Verpackung 1.2 copy

Verpackung 3

Verpackung 4

Additional I made some gift for my other friends, that is how I packaged the present for those:

Geschenk Verpackung NR. 2

See you soon!
Lovely Greetings.

For Inspiration: Birthday Gift Package

Wall Board – A wood construction for my apartment


Hey Everybody,

Last time I made the “wood picture holder” to decorate my room with some pictures.
In the search for a perfect place for my finished project, I came across to this blank wall in my apartment.
Since a long time I have been searching for some decoration to give this part of my room some color.
Just a poster was not special enough.
Another problem is that I love to receive postcards, but it is really sad that they end up in my desk drawer.

So one day I was standing in front of the wall and finally I got a good idea for my problem.

I would build a card holder for my room, on the same principle as the wood picture holder.
For the back I took a wooden panel, which is 37 cm wide, 92 cm long and 0,5 cm thick.
Further I needed strips of wood, in my case they are 37 cm wide, 3 cm thick and 1,5 cm high. (For each 5 pieces.)
Before I glue my wood strips on the panel, I cut slits in them for holding cards or pictures.
Every 16 cm I fixed the wood strips on the wooden panel.
All finished!

I am so happy with this solution. An eye-catcher with practical function.


See you next time. Lots of love!

Wall Board – A wood construction for my apartment

An easy way to give your room a new style | Handmade curtain


A curtain is not just a way to secure¬†your room against the prying eyes of your neighbor. ūüôā
You can give your home a new atmosphere.

I needed a curtain but I didn’t¬†want to got to a store and buy one. So I started searching for a nice fabric in my¬†boxes. I found the grey one, but the fabric was to short¬†for my window. After a second look I discovered the rest of the white fabric and I sewed it together. Finished! A very easy inexpensive curtain with a big effect.

That’s a good sewing project for beginners. Have fun!


An easy way to give your room a new style | Handmade curtain