Very easy: DIY Mobile Phone Case

ZusammengefĂźgetes Bildcopy Hey Everyone,

I know that this may be too late, but you learn from making mistakes! On the way home my Iphone dropped so I decided that I really need a mobile case to save the rest of my phone. 🙂

I wanted a case, which is not separated from my phone, because I know it just takes two days and I will lose it. The second important thing is, that the case should not just protect the back, but also the front.

Here is how I made this:

You need: A mobile case that fits for your your phone, a piece of leather, double-face tape, elastic band


Step 1: Cut the piece of leather in the right size, make sure that you also cut out the corner for the phone camera.


Step 2:

Fix the double-face tape on the phone case.

Zwischenschritt 3

Step 3:

At the end, very important, first attach the elastic band at the double-face tape and after that stick it onto the leather piece.


FINISH! Very easy, right? Enjoy your new phone case!


Very easy: DIY Mobile Phone Case